Services we provide

Precise Protection for Commercial Real Estate Investments

We are qualified agents for multiple title insurance companies and able to work with all parties and title insurance carriers to resolve issues before they become major hurdles or deal breakers. Look to us for guidance and assistance in producing:

Title Examinations

We have a full-time title examiner who researches the title records in all counties in the metropolitan Atlanta area. We also have correspondent title examiners throughout the states of Georgia and Florida. Title examinations are a prerequisite to issuance of title insurance. A title examination verifies ownership of the real property along with easements, restrictions, encumbrances or liens against the property being searched.

Title Insurance Commitments and Policies

We are agent for the following title insurance companies: Chicago Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company. Title insurance insures against defects in the chain of title, whether due to fraud, mis-indexing by the recording clerk, or a missed lien on the property. The commitment is an agreement by the title insurance company that states the title company is committed to issue a title insurance policy upon the satisfaction of certain requirements, such as paying off an open mortgage and the execution of a conveyance deed. The title commitment also lists the exceptions which impact the property, such as covenants and easements. We can also issue endorsements to the title insurance issued by any title company for which we have an agency agreement.

UCC/Lien Searches

We can search the Uniform Commercial Code index, the lien index and bankruptcy filings for individual and companies in the states of Georgia and Florida. If you are purchasing the personal property of a business, a UCC lien search will reveal if anyone has a security interest in or lien against the property you are purchasing. Likewise, most lenders providing financing involving personal property, will require a UCC and lien search.

1031 Exchanges

The Internal Revenue Code provides an opportunity for an individual or entity selling real property to defer the capital gain tax on the sale of the property by purchasing a replacement property. The tax laws have very specific and strict requirements and deadlines and require the use of a qualified intermediary. Precision Title can act as a qualified intermediary.

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